Streamline warehouse and stocktaking easier and faster

a paperless stocktaking solution that synchronizes all warehouse operations across your entire retail chain


Take a better look at your entire stocks and retail chain processes

Empower your warehouse team to handle multiple orders in an error-free environment. Designed for small and large businesses, the stocktaking app helps retailers to digitalise the inventory process and make it easier and accurate.

Digitize your physical stocktakings

Scan a product barcode or search from your existing product database

Erply technology will add it automatically to your stocktake

Pause, Reopen, or Complete all stocktakes operations by an employee

Update the quantities of your items anytime for the event section


Stocktaking in a few clicks

Conduct partial stocktakes if full shipments are unavailable, or quickly initiate inventory transfers between store locations

Count Products offline

All documents created from the stocktake app are saved locally, which allows you an offline app access

Automatic processing

Compatible with any warehouse workflow: inventory counts are always up-to-date and multiple employees can tackle a single stocktake at once

Smart Scan history

A paperless solution where you can access easily to your different scan history operations and logs

Low-stock notifications

Visual and audio cues improve scanning speed while low-stock notifications ensure your inventory levels never hit zero

For effective and easy retail inventory
management results


It’s the last day of the month. Some clients are standing out of your grocery shop, looking at the standard white sign with the unfortunate message hanging on the door: “Closed for Stocktaking”.  

How to implement a paperless stocktaking solution?

All retailers want to know exactly how much they have: the number of boxes, product locations, profit margin by style, and how changing seasons affect sales. All these physical stocktakings don’t need to be laborious in your grocery shop, a stocktake app could be the best tool to handle all this long and expensive process. 


Integrate the Stocktake App with your preferred warehouse workflow 

Stocktakes are updated in real-time, which means two things: Inventory counts across your retail chain are always up-to-date. Multiple employees can tackle a single stocktake at once. Newly created stocktakes are easily limited to specific locations to ensure all inventory is virtually sorted into the correct areas.


Avoid overstocking coffee and grant an appropriate level of inventory for your coffee wholesale business

“I wonder what they’re doing? They look as if they’re just moving everything around” Do you want to avoid this typical situation when you are doing your inventory?

An appropriate level of inventory for your coffee shop chain

Before ordering goods you always take stock: you measure or estimate the number of kilos of sugar, the actual quantity of coffee, or counting tea’s packets. Recording the selling prices of all goods and calculating their total stock value is not an easy task. However, using the stocktake app could facilitate the process.

How to automate my stocktaking process? 

First, Download the stocktake app for Google Play store or App store and synchronize your account with Erply. Create a new physical stocktaking by location and brand/product group. Second, scan the barcode on your product using a BlueTooth scanner or search manually for products from the catalog. Finally, get notified if a scan was successful or not and share your inventory between different store locations.



Why do you need a stocktake app for your fashion and apparel business?


Why traditional stocktaking methods don’t work 

We all know today’s apparel market, customer experience is the ruler. Clients’ expectation for product availability is at an all-time high.

In traditional replenishment models, retailers can see what’s selling and which items are underperforming. But there’s a disconnect between that visibility and the stocktaking process.

Stocktake App: The power of Data sharing

Stocktake App is an advanced and combined replenishment model, where you can track and use different product activity data (could be integrated also with your current EDI). Armed with count products offline and smart scan history, the retailer can have a precise and balanced inventory mix, shorter lead time, and more efficient shipping methods.


Speed-up your stocktaking and replenishment process

Check if any goods are missing quickly

Streamline warehouse and stocktaking processes by using the count products offline and synchronize your data with different shops locations.

Check whether there has been a surplus or loss

Edit the item’s quantity after scanning it and it will be synced with your Erply account.

Prepare your balance sheet easily

An intuitive  scan history that helps you to list all counted items and accumulates the totals

Take your stocktaking process to the next level of automation

Full offline support compatible with any warehouse workflow