Self Checkout

Let your customers pay for their purchases faster


Leave your shop unattended and entitle your customers with an easy checkout: reduce your checkout time, deliver faster, eliminate lengthy wait times and boost your customer’s satisfaction

Automate your store and control your network in the cloud in a few clicks without IT skills

Automate your shop by adding a self-service to your ERP System


Access to your inventory in real-time

Convert your shop into a connected retail experience where all your store infrastructure is in the cloud by adding/downloading your products using the PIM and EDI API


Take your shop to the cloud

Ensure that you are delivering the best information and Communicate easily with your customers using our CRM API


Speed up your store operations

With a queue-based solution, the checkout is faster. All the transactions are transmitted via the API

POS Software that simplifies Store Operations

An assisted menu that lets you improve your customer assistance

✓ Find the products with an easy item lookup

✓ Update the price or the quantity within a few clicks

✓ Include product’s serial number, or specific notes from the administrator menu

✓ NFC, barcode, QR code and PIN code support

✓ Check the gift card balance automatically

✓ Update the prices during a campaign period


Bring your shop to the cloud and control it from one place

Ground Control: Manage your numerous store locations from one place


✓ Add or remove different locations and get global reports about your shops

✓ Configure device integrations such as terminals, printers or cash drawers

✓ Dashboard overview of your business: POS’s, Stores, connected devices and software versions

✓ Get real time notifications: handle errors and detect easily which devices are not working

Get rid of the checkout queue

Self Control Panel: Easily manage your sales operations and increase productivity


This is a standard situation that every customer is facing during the black fridays or promotion period in an outlet shop: low service, lengthy queues and disorganized shop.

Stacking shoppers up at the checkout counter undermines customers’ desire to avoid unnecessary contact in your outlet shop. This is simply how customers today see things. It’s also why many businesses are looking to self-checkout as one way to help provide an assisted and well-guided customer experience. 

With interactive kiosks, you have a direct channel to connect with shoppers by upselling customers,alerting them to exclusive offers, and communicating brand messaging.

Let your customers  serve themselves

Before reaching the checkout point, customers see a dedicated message informing them to go to the self-checkout area. A monitor then informs the customer which checkout they should go to, providing visual and audio information. Once arrived at the kiosk, the customer starts scanning the products using a barcode or selecting from the catalog provided on the touchscreen. After scanning all the products correctly and placing them in the basket, the shopper can proceed with the payment through the checkout terminal.

How self-checkout is helping ghost stores to ensure a top-level security

Business owners have a big challenge: they must adopt new ways to protect their stores from theft and ensure a high level of security

Want the rewards of self-service, without risks? Let our self-checkout show you ways to reduce theft.

Tennis players want to access the halls at any time they want. As a business owner, you can’t provide this advantage without introducing self-checkout points in your clubs.

The first line of defense is linking your surveillance system to the self-checkout in this way you can keep your tennis hall open 24/7 and save your labor costs to use them in different other campaigns to gain profit and grow your customer database.

What does Self-checkout offer to my tennis clubs?

The advantage of using self-checkouts in tennis halls is the low costs for the owner. Unlike a traditional tennis center, you don’t have to employ staff to remain your business open. Everything is done through the self-checkout point: Players enter tennis courts without coming into contact with the staff of the center with the possibility of pre-registration and booking their times and preferred court for play. 

Automate your tennis halls and earn new promotional channels for your business

Customers can get all the promotions and campaigns through the freestanding kiosks. Set up your different discount campaigns through the self-control panel, set special prices, vouchers, or promotional codes, and manage all your locations from one place through the ground control panel.


Remember when beauty salons used to have front desks?

Customers are in hurry, all they want is to get in and get out, as quickly as possible and avoid long lines at usually understaffed front desks


Very frequently, customer problems overlooked in the daily management of your salon can be solved quickly and easily than you might imagine. The situation is entirely different if you use the right tools to solve long customers queues or bad customer service.

5 Minutes wait equals -5 to your beauty salon experience and a low online rate, what should you do?

The client reaches your salon, but although the specialist is waiting, the visitor cannot take place because the hairdresser is not available. This catastrophic scenario spoils your guest experience with the client and has a negative impact. A good self-service terminal can solve this: when the client enters directly to the services area, choose the right service added by you from the self-control panel, confirm the hairdresser and proceed to the self-checkout mode.

How to maintain a good customer retention in your beauty salon?

Do you wish to sell gift cards and packages to your clients, but find settling accounts and recording them exceptionally difficult?

The shortcut section “Loyalty” helps you to collect valuable data by surveying the customers’ activity: what products for hairstyles do they use more? What services are subscribed more?


Ever heard of an automated coffee shop?

Create a coffee shop experience

Multitasking is the main cause of slow customer service: the barista has to balance between making cappuccino, serving customers quickly, welcoming new visitors, and finally accepting payments from them. All these tasks should be done simultaneously! Instead of hiring different employees to ensure one task, you can automate your coffee shop and let your business run on its own.

Focus only on delivering a good coffee with the best customer service

No matter how busy consumers get, it seems there’s always time for coffee. First, Implement your self-checkout point in the coffee shop, add your coffee list so the customer can choose what they want. Run attractive discounts campaigns or introduce your loyalty cards: Customers can scan their cards or enter their client ID. Next, let them pay for their orders through the payment terminal. The barista starts processing the order and focusing only on the quality coffee flavor and how to deliver it quickly.

Turn to automation

Don’t skimp on technology. It may be time to personalize the customer experience by collecting different information through the history sales transactions: Managing the previous orders so you can track what your best-sellers are, setting up promotional codes for reliable customers or running emails campaigns, and keeping your clients updated.



What makes your laundry business different from other laundry offers?


Self-checkout may be nothing new – but it’s a trendy technology today in the laundry field. Do-it-yourself has become the norm for today’s consumers. From loading the washing machine to choosing the program, spinning the laundry, and getting the clothes clean and dry. Customers prefer using self-service and checkout technology over having to ask a salesperson.

What customer service looks like in a laundry business using a self-checkout?

Every business needs customers. The customer service that you provide in your laundromat is crucial. Can you imagine that you can today provide the best customer service without employees? The answer is yes! How?

The client enters your laundry. First, they choose the laundromat from the self-checkout point: clothes size, defining all the necessary input, choosing the time of the washing program, and finally proceed to the checkout to finish the process. They can also scan their loyalty card, by pressing the shortcut “loyalty” and adding their information: customer ID, first and last name, email, or phone number. Finally, they  download the coupon from the self-checkout terminal and wait until the end of the laundry cycle.

Convert your payment POS into a marketing channel

Client acquisition and retention are essential to holding a laundromat business. Did you consider that you can promote and retain your customers when they pay for the service? By using the self-checkout, you can earn an extra promotion channel for your service workflow: add promotion campaigns during the weekend, offer other products to buy from the terminal such as washing liquid or capsules, and form sales funnels by selling further products.

Reduce the checkout time and help your customers beat the queues

Peak-hour efficiency

Reduce the waiting time for your customers as well as the cash register for your employees.


Self-service Loyalty registration

Promote your products and offer to your customers a loyalty program based on their preferences.

Product Scanning Support

Allow your customers to scan their items and provide them with good accuracy in 1 and 2 dimensions.


Retargeting and remarketing

Collect data related to your customer interests and deliver an accurate recommendation system.

Maximize space

Improve your store layout by choosing suitable kiosks for your shop and use the space for other products.


Theft prevention

Increase the security level of your store through a weight-based database that ensures that all the items have been scanned.

Close Transactions with minimal staff support

Self checkout POS

User-friendly and customisable POS enabling an automatic customer identification

RFID Reader Support

An easy scanning mode and a fast product identification

Scanner Scale

Easy scanning mode and a fast product identification


Payment Terminal

Different types of payment are supported

Barcode Reader

HID with USB Connection or Bluetooth

Kiosk Hardware

Interactive and Intuitive Hardware with a modern design supporting a Windows OS and a touchscreen

Explore how we help our customers overcome challenges


“With Self Checkout we are taking the shopping experience at Decathlon to a new level”

With over 1,100 shops in 27 countries, Decathlon strives to make the checkout experience smoother and faster. By using Erply solution, Decathlon has created a technology that improves checkout convenience, accelerate stores operations and provide their customers’ multiple service methods.

Great customer experience with an innovative checkout

Decathlon is using the self-checkout technology at its stores by enabling a faster shopping experience and eliminating waiting lines. “We quickly realized the important factor of the customer experience and how to implement self-checkout technology in our stores would play in growing our business.”

Combining RFID tags and Self-checkout POS

The sports retailer Decathlon has deployed the RFID tags with the self-checkout POS to make in-store checkout easier for customers. RFID tags placed on articles across the store can be recognized automatically when the customer uses the kiosk hardware, this tag on the product can detect the product, its price, and all the related details. The customer then pulls the item from the boxed area and adds the next one. Result: Time reduced and Customer is happy.

Deploy our Self-checkout and benefits from support for fiscal certification and different payment providers



EFT Integration: Swedbank Estonia and Nets Estonia


EFT Integration: Swedbank LV and Nets LV


EFT Integration: Swedbank LT and Nets LT

Fiscal: Empirija


EFT Integration: Nets FI and Verifone


EFT Integration: Telcash

Fiscal: EFSTA


EFT Integration: Eservice

Fiscal: Posnet

Czech Republic

EFT Integration: Sonet



EFT Integration: Pcard


Fiscal: Tracom



EFT Integration: Transbank

Fiscal: Sovos


EFT Integration: Redeban

Fiscal: Dian



EFT Integration: Cayan


EFT Integration: Moneris


What do I need to setup my Erply Self-Checkout?

The Self-Checkout installation requires a Windows system and a Google Chrome browser with Java installed. As for hardware, Erply Self-Checkout needs a touchscreen, scanner, receipt printer and payment terminal in order to work. We recommend to use also a scanner scale and a barcode reader. Finally, sync your store information by linking it to your Erply account.

What are the operating system supported for the self-checkout?

We support Windows, Linux and Android.

Do I need an IT Specialist to install Self-Checkout?

No IT Skills required: Use your own touchscreen, scanner, printer and card terminal. Download Self-checkout and install it. Upload your products info to your Erply account and watch the magic: Everything is synchronized automatically.

How can I enter store and product information to my Erply Self-Checkout?

Store and product information must be uploaded to your Erply back office. By login to your Erply Self-Checkout account, your store information will be synced automatically.

Which browser can I use it on?

At the moment, Erply Self-Checkout is only available for Google Chrome.

Do I need any additional programs?

Java must be downloaded and installed on your device to make Erply Self-Checkout work. You can download the latest version of Java from

Can I choose my own brand color scheme?

Yes. Erply Self-Checkout has flexible configuration options with a wide variety of colors to match your brand.

How does a client benefit from Erply Self-Checkout?

By using Erply Self-Checkout, shoppers face shorter lines and can checkout their items with more control and privacy.

Does it have multiple language options?

Yes, Erply Self-Checkout is a multilingual system that currently supports three different languages.

Where do I get the payment terminal?

You can request a card terminal from your bank. Feel free to ask for more information about card terminal integrations from us or your preferred bank.

Will loyalty programs work on Erply Self-Checkout?

Yes. Clients are able to enter their loyalty code, input discounts, and claim special deals which the back office will apply automatically.

Can I sell products that need to be weighed?

Yes. You can add a scale to Erply Self-Checkout, so clients may place the products on the scale and choose a product ID from the shop directory.

How can a customer checkout a product?

Erply Self-Checkout is easy to use and has no confusing steps. Clients have several options to enter an item, including:

Which payment devices are compatible with Erply Self Checkout?

The payment devices compatible with Erply Self Checkout are:

Do you rent self checkout terminals?

Yes, if you want to rent self checkout hardware for a monthly fee:

For more information regarding hardware rental please contact us.