How can inventory management play an important role in your eCommerce business success?


Building a scalable and sustainable eCommerce business, you need to have a knowledge of all ins and out of inventory management. There might be complex problems and challenges by the path of your entrepreneurship business if you have a poor inventory management system. It doesn't matter what expertise you have in your field of eCommerce but it can fail if you do not manage your inventory perfectly.


eCommerce inventory management has multiple factors like what products your sale, what type of customer you have, how payment process occurs in your business, what is your business size and many more which might vary with business to business. We have ultimate solutions for all of your eCommerce business challenges and we can beautifully handle it via our software system.


What do you need to know to become successful in your eCommerce business?

Here you will get brief knowledge and action items that you can work on to make your success graph increase remarkably. We can help you with best practices to follow and recommendations about how to optimize your eCommerce business using our products.


Every businessman faces inventory challenges due to overstocking or overselling. For this you should have a good grasp on your inventory and knowledge about your customers buying habits. You need to store products and manage when there are low sales. It would create havok when there is less sales and you should have the potential to handle dead stock.


Our POS software can take care of old and new stock and based on that help you to create offers/ discounts. Seasonal sales can be created to attract users and increase sales. Inventory items can be pinned based on entrance date and accordingly sales schemes can be created. Overall inventory can be managed smartly to increase sales.


Multiple warehouse and inventory management

Many times vendors have a lack of visibility of stock when there is more demand for specific products. Manually, it can be difficult to get information from multiple warehouses. Also, by growing your eCommerce business, you will be-ready to sell your products across other online selling platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc. Here if you do not have a perfect inventory management system, then it would be difficult to track sales and orders across different online and offline mediums. 


With selling across different channels, there might be a lack of stock visibility and you may lose sales. To ignore this, you should have a powerful inventory management system that can take care of everything automatically.


Which platforms do we support?

We support many online platforms to flawlessly integrate the ERPly point of sale system. Plugin is available to sync all your eCommerce data with the system and run your business smoothly between the number of warehouses and online platforms. Short list of platforms we support are:

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Magento

  • Wix

  • Shopz

  • BigCommerce

  • OpenCart and many other platforms with customized solutions


ERPly point of sale software can help you with all technicalities and manage your business seamlessly. Beside this, we offer many other eCommerce solutions that help you skyrocket your retail business and focus on other important things rather than getting involved in routine stuff.