1. What is offers a free webshop platform created in order to offer Erply users additional value and a possibility to bring their businesses online. With You can set up Your webshop independently and easily. Just use our Page Editor tool to create a design exactly like You want and what would appeal to Your customers. Since it’s cloud-based, You don’t have to download any software – this gives You the flexibility to be able to access Your shop everywhere.

2. How much does it cost? is a free addition to Erply, which means You only have to pay the monthly fee for Erply. Ask for an offer to start using Erply: LINK

3. What do I need to start selling?

Depends on the business needs, but first You need to create a account and make a contract with Erply.
If You want to deliver goods, then You need to find delivery partner(s) – check our delivery integrations HERE. Of course, You can also just offer pickup service. If customer should be able to pay right in the webshop, You also need contract(s) with the payment provider(s) – find the list of our payment integrations HERE.

Besides that, You’ll also need to add products with correct information (prices, images, descriptions), if necessary – product groups, legal texts, fill in business contact details etc. We recommend to go trough all settings to set everything up just as You need.

4. How much time would it take to actually start selling?

Depends on different aspects, for example:

– How much products do You have
– Do You have a ready-to-use Excel file if You need to import products (including descriptions, images etc)
– Previous experience on setting up a webstore
– Whether You need to make contracts with delivery and payment service providers
– How complex design You need, aka how much time would You need to implement the design
– If You have thought the process and needs through

Based on that, the time could vary from few hours to few months.

5. For whom is suitable?

Simple – everyone, who finds what offers suitable for their businesses, could use it!
There’s no limitation to the amount of products, groups customers, users or orders.

6. What is Erply and why do I need it?

Erply is an ERP system that offers a one-in-all solution for Your business, including the free webshop platform. Erply accommodates all product-, customer-, order-related data. Products and product groups are inserted in Erply and they are transferred to the webshop automatically. So this is the database for Your webshop.

7. Where can I handle the incoming orders?

All old and new orders are visible in Erply, under “Sales”. From there You can convert them to invoices etc.